CU Minecraft

For people at Cambridge
who like playing Minecraft.

Join us!

We have a Minecraft server.

Who are you people?

We're students at Cambridge University. We have our own Minecraft server which we enjoy playing on. We started an as-yet-unofficial society in order to meet other people who'd like to join in.

Can my friend come play too?

Sure! Once you've joined, send us an email from your @cam email address. Tell us their name and email address, and we'll send them an invite for you.

Do I need anything to play?

You need an official Minecraft account.

If you haven't got one, you can buy Minecraft from Mojang's store. If you haven't played before, be warned: Minecraft is very addictive. Expect your grade to drop by a class at least. ;-)

Are you nice?

Definitely. :-)

Our server is whitelisted, so only Cambridge students and their friends can join. We use real names, so we know who everyone is. And we're friendly!

We use some mods. (Just a few.)

Standard Minecraft is boring!
Do you use mods?

Yup! We play using a custom modpack. It includes trains and industry and stuff.

We've chosen the mods carefully. Sign up to see the full list!

I don't like mods!
Can I play standard Minecraft?

If you want! Some of us prefer the style of playing vanilla Minecraft.

We've included as few mods as possible, so you can avoid using them if you want. But you could still try them—you might have fun...

You should totally join.

My college has their own server!

Good for you! We encourage people to play Minecraft and have fun, whatever server they choose to play on.

But feel free to stop by and have a look anyway!

But I want to get a degree!

Sorry, we can't help you there.

If you have any advice on how to get one, please let us know...

Start playing now!

Join us